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Robert Dotten, CTO


 Since joining ALFT in 2002, Mr. Dotten has led the restructuring of the company’s new research and manufacturing facilities. Mr. Dotten draws on his extensive and diverse experience to lead ALFT’s marketing and business development initiatives.Prior to ALFT, Mr. Dotten led the Corporate Centre for Excellence for Alignment Systems with Optical Process Automation – a division of JDS Uniphase. During his time with the division, Mr. Dotten spearheaded a comprehensive review of the alignment systems throughout the company to establish corporate policies encompassing the theory, design and procurement of alignment systems for JDS Uniphase.

Before assuming this role within the Automation division, Mr. Dotten led the design and manufacturing of internal production tools; electronics, mechanical fixturing; and software packages. These tools were responsible for JDS’s ability to meet the production levels the industry required. The proprietary tools were developed to provide JDS with an advantage in the production and testing of optical components. The last three of the six years he spent in this role was as Manager of Manufacturing Technology. Mr. Dotten oversaw relationships with outsourcing firms including managing their deliverables and quality control. Mr. Dotten also managed a team of technicians to not only build, but test, maintain and calibrate production tools to meet production demands and ISO requirements.

Robert Dotten has a B.Sc. in Pure Mathematics from the University of Western Ontario and a B.Sc. in Physics from the University of Waterloo.